What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

If you're a fan of jewelry, you might have heard about TDW, which stands for Total Diamond Weight. Essentially, TDW represents the weight of all the diamonds on a piece of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and any other type of jewelry that features diamonds. CTW, or Carat Total Weight, is another term used to refer to TDW.

Why TDW is Important When Buying Diamond Jewelry

It's essential to note that TDW doesn't apply to solitaire diamonds since they only have one stone measured in carats. However, if you're considering purchasing a ring with a center stone and two smaller ones on each side, then the TDW will be the sum of all three stones. For instance, if the center diamond weighs 0.5 carats, and the two side diamonds weigh 0.1 carats each, then the diamond ring will be 0.7 TDW.

The Significance of Total Diamond Weight in the Quality and Value of Diamond Jewelry

Knowing the TDW of your diamond jewelry is crucial since it tells you how much actual diamond is in the piece. Furthermore, it's an excellent indicator of the quality of the diamond jewelry. However, it's important to interpret TDW carefully. For example, a 1 TDW diamond ring with three stones, a 0.5-carat center stone, and two 0.25 side stones will cost more than a 1 TDW ring with five 0.2-carat diamond pieces. This is because larger diamonds are scarcer and more expensive, so five smaller stones sold separately will be cheaper than larger diamonds.

To know the TDW of your diamond jewelry, the easiest way is to ask your jeweler. A reputable jeweler should have no problem telling you the total diamond weight of your jewelry. If you're purchasing from an online store, the TDW should be listed on the product page.

Why a High TDW Does Not Necessarily Mean a Higher Price

When it comes to diamond jewelry, it's a common misconception that a higher total diamond weight (TDW) automatically means a higher price. However, this is not necessarily the case. While a high TDW does indicate that there are more diamonds in the piece of jewelry, the price is also affected by factors such as the quality of the diamonds, the metal used in the setting, and the overall craftsmanship of the piece. For example, a ring with a high TDW but lower quality diamonds may be priced lower than a ring with a lower TDW but higher quality diamonds. It's important to consider all factors when purchasing diamond jewelry and not solely rely on the TDW to determine the value and price.


In conclusion, TDW diamonds can provide an affordable and stunning option for those looking to purchase diamond jewelry. At Lesley Ann Jewels, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality diamonds and exceptional customer service. Our experienced jewelers can help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate any occasion. Visit our website or make an appointment with us today to browse our collection of diamond jewelry.