What Is A Baguette Diamond?

What Is A Baguette Diamond?

Baguette diamonds made an appearance in the 30th century during the Art Deco era. They became popular due to their clean lines and geometrical shapes. A baguette diamond is a step-cut diamond that is elongated and appears to have a rectangular shape. The ratio of width to length for most of them is 5:1, which gives them a rectangular shape. However, the two main forms of baguette diamonds are straight and tapered.

Features Of A Baguette Diamonds

Here are the defining qualities of a baguette diamond.


Baguettes have 24 facets, while brilliant-cut diamonds have up to 58 aspects. Most baguette diamonds make a brilliant center stone due to the few facets. The straight facets are usually rectangular, originating from the diamond's table; this gives the diamond a unique effect. 


For scintillation to occur, the diamond, the viewer, or the source of light must be movement. It refers to the play of white and colored light when the stone is viewed in motion. Baguettes have fewer facets than other diamond cuts, reducing the amount of light they reflect. Therefore, a baguette diamond does not have much sparkle. 


The edges of a baguette diamond are different; they are straight or tapered. The consecutive edges give the rectangular shape, while the tapered edges make the diamond wider. The corners of step-cut stones appear as perfect squares while other stones, such as emeralds, are diagonal in shape. 


Baguette diamonds are mainly used as a center stone. That's why they are available in small sizes. They have a small carat weight compared to other diamonds. Some baguettes are used in multiples of even numbers to make a center stone. In this case, you should ensure that all the baguettes are of the same quality. 


The inclusions in a baguette diamond are evident to the naked eye. The fewer facets show every flaw, scratch, and ding. This makes it an imperfect stone. 


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