What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

With their alluring and unique qualities, Asscher-cut diamonds indeed exhibit some special charm on their own. However, many diamond cuts acquire names from their shapes. But for the Asscher cut diamond, they derive the name from a fascinating historical appellation.

What Are Asscher Cut Diamonds?

Asscher-cut diamond is an octagonal, square-shaped diamond with layered facets. The cut features a deep pavilion with a high crown, giving it a unique brilliance and a signature appeal. In addition, the Royal Asscher company creating Asscher-cut diamonds produces the standard Asscher cut and Royal Asscher cut.

History Of Asscher Cut Diamonds?

The well-known Asscher family is a legend in the world of diamond enthusiasts, gemologists, and historians. This family earned its reputation from a century of experience cutting and designing huge, rare, high-end gemstones.

Born into a family of diamond cutters, Joseph, a grandson to Joseph Isaac, is the artisan behind The Asscher Cut, created in 1902. The Asscher cut evolved into the Royal Asscher, gaining immediate recognition and quickly becoming notoriety among the rich in the early 20th century. 

However, most diamond cuts are not rare in the market, but the vintage Asscher cuts certainly are. In the early 1900s, very few diamond cutters could properly design an Asscher cut, which made very few Asschers come into existence. Some underwent recut in favor of a more popular round brilliant cut, while others are still locked in safety treasure deposits.

Features Of Asscher Diamonds

Asscher diamonds have straight-edged facets that give them a unique, clean look. They might appear more like emerald cuts, but the difference lies in their square shape, with the four corners cropped to form somewhat octagonal. 

Asscher cut diamonds or step cuts are identical in their significant step facets and high crown, which gives them a brilliant shine. Most jewelers will refer to the brilliance and sparkle as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors. 

The stone table is flat, giving an unobstructed view of the center of the stone. That makes it easy to see the inclusions with your naked eyes. So, when purchasing a stone for this cut, choose a clarity-grade of at least VS2.

It is easy to see the color of an Asscher cut diamond through the step facets. In addition, their architecture and an Art Deco style give a breathtaking vintage-inspired ring setting. 

Why You Should Choose An Asscher Cut Diamond

If you are looking for a vintage ascent in diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds will give you an irresistible vintage appeal. The high and significant steps allow a lot of light to enter the diamond, responsible for giving off large flashes. 

Their style and Art deco go down the line to the 1920s, and today they still allure those back in time harks. Having that in mind, choosing an Asscher cut diamond is a perfect choice.


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