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How Penny Preville Jewelry Began

It's been almost forty-five years since Penny Preville launched her designer collection. It all started as a personal passion. Enchanted by jewelry from a young age, Penny loved playing with the pieces in her grandmother's jewel box. By the 1970's, she began her professional foray in jewelry with a collection of simple beaded pieces accented with feathers. In just a few years, Penny was using precious materials and creating her signature new vintage looks. "I wanted to make jewelry that I could wear," explains the designer. "Jewels that felt romantic, but fit into a modern lifestyle."

Penny Preville Craftmanship

All Penny Preville jewelry is made in the finest materials. It is exclusively manufactured in 18K green, rose, and white gold, as well as platinum. Every piece is handcrafted. Penny Preville is committed to procuring gemstones, diamonds, and metals through socially and environmentally responsible means. The company implement and enforces efforts to assure integrity of resources and high levels of manufacturing.

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