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    Sylva & Cie JEwelry
Sylva & Cie Jewelry

How Sylva & Cie Jewelry Began

With over 20 years of experience, Sylva Yepremian creates hand-crafted fine jewelry. Sylva & Cie is based in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles jewelry district. Sylva Yepremian's inspiration from the Art Deco period is a sizeable source for her modern-day collections. Every piece Sylva designs is a limited-edition piece that is hand-wrought and hand-faceted in Los Angeles. No two pieces will ever be identical.

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Sylva & Cie Jewelry

Sylva & Cie Craftmanship

Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand Sylva & Cie is comprised with the richness of color found in rubies and emeralds, and the amazing dimension of rose cut diamonds. It also incorporates other materials such as fossilized mammoth, ancient coins, hand carved opal, jade, and brilliant citrine; Sylva pairs these rare finds with 18KT gold to create an impactful, yet harmonious design. 

  • Sylva & Cie Jewelry


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