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Sparkle and Shine Jewelry Cleaning Stick


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The Sparkle + Shine jewelry cleaning stick is designed for easy use to safely clean a wide array of jewelry, including porous stones and pearls. Twist the base and use built-in brush to apply cleaning solution to jewelry. The built-in brush easily cleans underneath stones and on hard-to-reach settings. The cleaning stick is perfect for on-the-go jewelry cleaning, it is even TSA approved and perfect for traveling!

How to use:

  1. Remove the cap of your Private-Label Sparkle + Shine® Stick
  2. Twist the base until bubbles form on the brush
  3. Use the brush to clean all surfaces, then rinse and blot dry
  4. Polish with a polishing cloth to restore shine!

Ideal for daily use on all varieties of delicate and porous gemstones and gentle enough for high fashion jewelry.